田川基成 (たがわもとなり)                  

1985年生まれ、 長崎県の離島出身。

自身のルーツと暮らしてきた場所、旅の経験を通して「移民」と文化の変遷、土地と記憶、宗教などに関心を持ち写真を撮っている。故郷である長崎の海とキリシタン文化、在日ベトナム難民、日本のイスラム社会、北海道などをテーマに作品を制作する。千葉に住むイスラム教徒のバングラデシュ移民家族を5年に渡って撮影した『ジャシム一家』で第20回(2018年) 三木淳賞受賞。



2018    第20回三木淳賞受賞
2015   上野彦馬賞 日本写真芸術協会奨励賞
2014   上野彦馬賞 日本写真芸術協会奨励賞

2019.02  「ジャシム一家」大阪ニコンサロン
2018.12  「ジャシム一家」新宿ニコンサロン  
2018.03  「ジャシム一家」札幌市教育文化会館
2017.09  「ジャシム一家」大阪ニコンサロン
2017.08  「ジャシム一家」銀座ニコンサロン

2016.11  「Photobook as Object」展、Riminders Photography Stronghold、東京
2016.08  「Between the Rivers」東川国際写真フェスティバル、北海道
2015.10   「日本のイスラム社会」上野彦馬賞受賞グループ展、東京芸術劇場
2014.10   「ブラジルの悲劇、アルゼンチンの悲嘆」上野彦馬賞受賞グループ展、東京芸術劇場

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言語:  英語、ポルトガル語、スペイン語 

Motonari Tagawa

He was born in 1985, native of Nagasaki, Southeast Japan. His interests are immigrants and transition of cultures, religions. He is currently focusing on the project about landscapes of the sea and Christian people and cultures in  the islands of Nagasaki where he is from. He is also covering Vietnamese refuges, Islamic society in Japan. Hokkaido as an island of immigrants is his next theme as well.

After graduating Hokkaido University with a degree of environmental science and forestry, he worked as an editor of magazines and a reporter of daily newspaper for four years in Tokyo, before starting his career as photographer in 2014. In 1980’s, his father was working for a Vietnamese refuges camp located in a remote village in Nagasaki. Motonari spent his childhood with about hundred Vietnamese refuges in his hometown. After closing of the refuges camp, his family moved to a small island in Nagasaki when he was 6 years old. He moved to Hokkaido after graduating high school in Nagasaki city. He traveled from London to Japan all by land and boat for one year when he was 21 years old. He also stayed in Okinawa islands for some months after that. He traveled to Brazil and South America for a year in 2014. Those experiences make him interested in creating art projects of immigrants and transition of cultures.

2018 Miki Jun Prize
2015 Ueno Hikoma, Photo Art Society of Japan – Encouragement Award
2014 Ueno Hikoma, Photo Art Society of Japan – Encouragement Award

Solo Exhibitions 
2018.12 ''Jashim Family ‘‘ Nikon Salon Shinjuku, Tokyo
2018.03 ''Jashim Family ‘‘ Sapporo Education and Culture Hall Gallery
2017.09 ''Jashim Family ‘‘ Nikon Salon Osaka
2017.08 ''Jashim Family ‘‘ Nikon Salon Ginza, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions 
2016.07 ''Between the Rivers’’ Higashikawa International Photo Festival, Hokkaido
2015.12 ''Islamic Society of Japan’’ Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
2014.11 Group exhibition ''Tragedy of Brazil, Grief of Argentina Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre

Languages: English (Fluency), Spanish (Intermediate), Portuguese (Intermediate)

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